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What is depersonalization disorder?

Depersonalization/ derealization is a dissociative disorder, defined in the DSM-IV as “persistent or recurrent experiences of feeling detached from, and as if one is an outside observer of, one’s mental processes or body.

‘feeling like one is in a dream’

Thus it is the experience of feeling a detachment from their sense of selves and their reality (depersonalization), or their perception of the world (derealization).

It is characterised by emotional numbness and a disruption in self-awareness.

DPD Facts
You’re Not Alone…

  • Affects 1-2% of the population
  • Occurs equally in men and women
  • Experienced transiently by 50% of the population

More about DPD

Depersonalization disorder can co-occur with a range of other mental and physical disorders.

However, it is when the symptoms are experienced persistently and recurrently, independently of other mental (schizophrenia, panic disorder) or physical disorders (epilepsy) that it is considered a disorder.

  • onset is usually over the age of 30
  • patients typically exhibit nihilistic delusions
  • perceptual anomalies may be present
  • it may be apparently precipitated by drug use

DPD Treatment Options

Trust Smart TMS

Established 2015

One of the first UK providers of rTMS (repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation) therapy

Expert Team

Trained and specialising in depersonalization disorder treatment, using rTMS therapy.

Highly Qualified

Team includes professors, consultants, psychologists, psychiatrists and technicians.

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