1378441_448234965281130_1692533235_nHello, I’m Claire.

I am 24 and I am currently suffering with depersonalization and derealization. I have had this since the beginning of December 2013 and I have had a really bad time with it, to the point where I have wanted to give up on life. But, as a good friend has just told me ‘you only fail if you give up trying’.

You only fail if you give up trying.

I cannot give up and neither can you.

I have always been a worrier and an anxious person by nature. I think it runs in my family and for my age, I have had a lot of stress in the past few years from relationships, to moving home, sexuality, running my own business and general everyday anxiety.

I have setup this website as I am going to be cured of depersonalization and derealization. I have a plan in place and I am currently testing different things to see what works and what doesn’t. I am looking for patterns and I am also working with a physcotherapist once a week to help me overcome this depersonalization disorder.

I want to help everyone out there too and share my tips and video diaries with you. We can overcome this together! Remember, you are not alone! That is what I have just come to realise. I have spent the past few months feeling so alone with this anxiety symptom.

Please look at my video diaries and I would love your feedback.

Thanks everyone X